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My practice is limited to helping people and businesses who owe the IRS money, are being audited, or have not filed all of their tax returns. I am a tax attorney licensed in the State of Florida, however, my area of law is Federal, meaning I can represent taxpayers all over the country. While most of my clients are in Florida, many live in other states and countries.

Florida has been designated a disaster area due to Hurricane Irma. As a result, the IRS has virtually stopped all Collection and Audit action. I decided to expand my practice and my first choice was the New York Metropolitan area, where I grew up before moving to South Florida. Therefore, I am pleased to offer my services to you.

By now you probably have realized that the IRS can be very intimidating and aggressive to the taxpayer. However, we eliminate that stress for you by dealing directly with the IRS on your behalf. You no longer have to deal with the harassing phone calls and letters from the IRS. Your tax problems can be solved for good.

Experience dealing with the IRS

As an experienced tax attorney, my associates and I deal with the IRS on a regular basis, and we have the knowledge and experience to advise you of options for resolving your IRS problems. The IRS officers’ actions and advice are in the governments’ best interest.

You need someone working on your behalf to protect your interests. IRS problems do not go away unless they are dealt with. In fact, they only get worse the longer you wait to have them taken care of, with penalties and interest being added daily.

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